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Orange County Hair Restoration in Irvine California

Orange County Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Williams are dedicated to advancing the ethical and legitimate practice of hair restoration surgery whereby the physician performs all of the critical-to-quality steps of hair transplant surgery. 

Dr. Williams is a leader in promoting to patients and physicians the ethical application of the critical elements of the practice of hair restoration surgery. His practice is grounded on physician face-to-face consultations, surgical and medical care. He performs all aspects of the critical-to-quality steps in hair restoration surgery, and plays a central role in establishing his patients clinical expectations, diagnosis and planning of hair surgery.

Dr. Williams is recognized as a leading authority in hair restoration surgery, and is an oral and written examiner for the board certifying process for hair surgeons for the ABHRS.

Our Practice Highlights

Proven Expertise

Industry Leading Doctor

Hair Restoration Specialist

Permanent Solutions

Dedicated Practice

Surgical and Medical Options

Ken L. Williams Jr., D.O., FISHRS, ABHRS

Dr. Ken Williams exclusively has dedicated his private practice to the medical and surgical treatment of men and women suffering from hair loss disorders. He only performs hair restoration surgery and medical management of hair loss disorders.

He does not perform additional cosmetic procedures such as face lifts, liposuction, breast implants, rhinoplasty, or tummy tucks. In solely dedicating his practice to hair restoration surgery and hair loss disorders, Dr. Williams is an international renown leader in treating hair loss in men and women with traditional, and novel science-based therapies focused on excellent cosmetic outcomes and high practice standards.

Dr Ken Williams Highlights

Extensive Hair Restoration Education

Hair Restoration Author/Speaker

Trusted by Other Hair Experts

International Acclaim & Awards

Esteemed Board Member

Clinical Care Researcher

Dr. Ken Williams is a leading authority in hair restoration and regrowth strategies for men and women. If you want to have the best outcome you need the best doctor.

Dr Ken Williams has been a Hair Restoration Patient

dr. williams fue hair restoration before and after

Dr. Williams is the recipient of five (5) FUE surgeries since 2009 and had had over 10,000 grafts transplanted into his Norwood 5-6 hair loss pattern all with FUE

He truly understands what it’s like to be in your shoes and this is what drives him to help patients like you every day.

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