Orange County Hair Restoration


Dr. Williams Selected as Committee Chairman for ISHRS

Dr. Ken L. Williams

Dr. Ken Williams of Orange County Hair Restoration has been reappointed a Membership Committee Chairman for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) by ISHRS President, Dr. Ken Washenik. In addition, Dr. Williams serves on other ISHRS committees such as the Ethics, Public Education Relations, Surgical Assistants, and FUE Advancement and CME committee for the 2017 World Congress in Prague.

“It is a pleasure to serve the international hair restoration community to maintain high ethical standards for patients.”

The ISHRS is an international, non-profit medical society comprised of over 1,200 members representing 70 countries – dedicated to promulgating the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics. Member categories include fellow, member, associate member, adjunct (researchers), residents, and surgical assistants. Since its incorporation in 1993, a renaissance in hair restoration surgery was set into motion by the ISHRS. The multidisciplinary, international membership of the ISHRS is a critical mass for innovation in hair restoration surgery.

The ISHRS provides continuing medical education to physicians and fosters an environment of open dialogue, sharing, and collegiality. The ISHRS gives the public the latest information on medical and surgical treatments for hair loss. The ISHRS is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education and is a member of the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates. The ISHRS hosts the Global Council of Hair.