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Hair Restoration Pricing

The Cost of FUE/ FUT Hair Restoration

Have your procedure done correctly the first time by a proven expert that is a Board Certified hair surgeon with over a decade of experience.

Unfortunately, many patients make the mistake of trying to make a decision to restore their hair purely on price. Many hair loss patients come to us after they have spent a few thousand dollars but are unsatisfied with the results. 

Choosing the right doctor is more important than focusing on the initial cost. The results can be unsettling and many times Dr. Williams is asked to correct “botched” surgeries from other clinics that use inexperienced clinicians or worse. 

Here at OC Hair Dr. Williams performs the surgical procedures and oversees the staff personally. You can be sure during and after your procedure you will receive the utmost care.

We are not the lowest price you will find to get a hair transplant procedure. From our experience we believe our price is more than fair for the results we deliver. If you are looking for a truly natural looking hairline and want to experience the highest probability of top quality outcome then consider Dr. Ken Williams and the team here at OC Hair Restoration.


Comparison of FUE & FUT Hair Transplants

FUE Harvesting


Follicular Unit Excision is a surgical technique used to harvest individual hair follicles. FUE allows you to wear your hair long or very short without worrying about a linear scar FUT procedures cause.

FUT Strip


Follicular Unit Transplantation is a technique in which your hair is transplanted from the back of your scalp to the areas of concern.

Eyebrow transplants


An eyebrow hair transplant can transform the shape of your eyebrows to frame your eyes and enhance your face. Eyebrow transplants require special skills and techniques to ensure the hairs are implanted in the proper direction and density.

Facial features and bone structure are taken into consideration when designing eyebrows.

Beard Transplants

$10,000 to $20,000/procedure

A beard transplant can enhance and make the jawline appear more defined and strong. Experience performing beard procedures ensures the hairs are layered in a natural looking way.

Facial features and bone structure are taken into consideration when crafting beard transplants.

Hairline Lowering

$10,000 to $20,000/procedure

Hairline lowering can almost magically transform the shape and symmetry of your face. Experience performing hairline lowering is crucial to achieve a natural look once completed.

Facial features and bone structure are taken into consideration when crafting beard transplants.


One of the other advantages of choosing us is there are no hidden fees or false promises. 

Our procedure price is all inclusive which includes all medications needed the day of and the evening after your procedure.  Dr. Williams provides a post-operative check up and hair wash the day after your day at the office.

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