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LSMP Pricing

The Value of High-Quality Artistry is Priceless

Getting your SMP procedure done correctly the first time by a proven expert is vital. 

Unfortunately, many patients make the mistake of going to tattoo artists to get an SMP procedure completed. Many hair loss patients come to us after they have gotten less than favorable hair transplants or SMP procedures. 

There is now a completely new cottage industry in the hair restoration world that is taking advantage of men and women that isn’t talked about much in the media.

Here at OC Hair Dr. Williams performs all forms of hair restoration procedures including SMP. Recently, we have upgraded our process to include Laser Scalp Micropigmentation which ensures a completely uniform look like never before.

Before you choose anyone to Request a LSMP Consultation Today


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an outpatient procedure that takes between 1-6 hours depending upon the total surface area of the scalp that requires treatment.



Crown (Top of Head)


Scar Camouflage (Back of Head)


Complete LSMP Solution (Entire scalp)


(1,500 Savings)

What’s included with this procedure? 

Laser or Needle based SMP treatments includes photodocumentation, Tricholab analysis, and follow-up exam. Sometimes the patient will need a minor touch up

What’s the Process?

The procedure is performed as an outpatient in our office. If a needle is used for the SMP,  a ring block will be used so there will be no pain experienced by the patients.  Laser SMP does not require a ring block. The patient is advised to limit physical activity the day of the procedure.


One of the other advantages of choosing us is there are no hidden fees or false promises. 

Our procedure price is all inclusive which includes all medications needed the day of and the evening after your procedure.  Dr. Williams provides a post-SMP check up and hair wash the day after your day at the office.

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