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Non Surgical Pricing

What if you’re not ready to get a hair transplant?

It may be possible to prevent or slow down hair loss as well as regrow it back. It really depends on the cause of your hair loss. Without knowing the underlying reasons for it, it is very difficult to treat. The good news is,here at OC Hair Restoration our in house physician Dr. Ken Williams is an expert at diagnosing hair loss.  

What are your options? Before we get to non-surgical regrowth and prevention options we recommend getting your hair loss diagnosed.


Physician Consultation

Physician face-to-face
(15-20 Minutes)
No biopsy

Men’s Fee $125

Physician face-to-face
(60 to 90 Minutes)
To include scalp biopsy

Women's Fee $350

PRP Treatment


What’s included with this Treatment Protocol?

Pre procedure care and procedure performed by a physician.  Post procedure care performed by physician evaluation. 

The Gupta protocol is followed which is defined by 4 treatments over a nine (9) month time period.  The first three treatments are every 4-6 weeks apart.  The fourth treatment is performed nine (9) months after the first PRP procedure. A trichoLab evaluation is performed as a baseline and at 12 months to quantify results of medical management.

Non Surgical Treatments

How is this priced? 

The medical community pricing is based on the number of treatments and price per treatment. The average medical fees and consultation will vary from patient-to-patient based upon the hair loss diagnosis

What’s the process?   

PRP involves concentrating the patient’s own blood and Platelets with subsequent   injection of the regenerative cells of the plasma back into the patients  scalp regions of hair loss. After injection of the PRP into the correct dermal level of the scalp, microneedling is performed to induce greater regenerative cell migration to the scalp tissues. This migration and injection of regenerative cells into the scalp is the mechanism of action of the PRP procedure.

What’s included with this procedure?

Dr. Williams performs the entire procedure in our office. The one hour procedure is an outpatient procedure and the patient returns to a normal daily routine the next day. 

The PRP procedure is performed under anesthesia using a ring block.  The ring block creates the feeling of a helmet on the head for about 6-12 hours. 

Here at OC Hair Restoration we offer many different Non Surgical Procedures which fall within a similar price range and process as the PRP treatment protocol.  Once you come in for a hair loss diagnosis he will recommend the most appropriate regiment to ensure the optimum result.

Request your hair loss diagnosis today!