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ARTAS® – Robotic FUE Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration

Now in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Inland counties

Orange County Hair Restoration, is the first hair surgery facility in Southern California to be recognize as a Center of Excellence in performing hair surgery with the physician guided ARTAS® robotic device. As a center of excellence our office has demonstrated best standards and practices in performing FUE hair surgery. We provide physician directed Robotic FUE hair surgery for patients from the Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Inland counties. As one of the first hair restoration offices in California to provide hair restoration using FUE harvesting, we are conveniently located in central Orange County in the city of Irvine, next the beautiful and picturesque coasts of Laguna and Newport Beach.

Our hair restoration physician and surgeon, Dr. Ken Williams, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and a leader in FUE technology and hair restoration surgery. He is actively involved in teaching and instructing surgeons how to perform FUE and hair surgery in numerous workshops around the world. Our office is conveniently located for our patients coming from the Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Inland communities. We provide medical and surgical hair restoration for men and women with hair and scalp disorders using the latest technologies that provide a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Dr. Williams- The Physicians’ Hair Surgeon

Dr. Williams actively participates at numerous hair restoration workshops worldwide, and in the United States as an instructor and teacher of the FUE donor harvesting procedure at numerous training workshops. For this reason, more medical doctors and physicians come to our facility in Irvine, California to have their hair surgery performed because Dr. Williams is a teacher and instructor to physicians in training.

Physicians and surgeons instinctively understand from their residency and postgraduate medical training, that the best hair surgeon is the one who teaches FUE to other hair restoration physicians. Dr. Williams is one of a handful of FUE surgeons who use the ARTAS robotic device who actually started FUE donors harvesting with hand held devices.

The ARTAS® is a technologically advanced robotic device but the human touch and physician over sight remains necessary. Dr. Williams believes the use of the ARTAS devices requires the presence of a surgeon at all times during donor harvesting. He personally is present for every harvest attempt by the ARTAS. He attends to his patients by completing all of the critical- to- quality steps of hair restoration procedure. His artistic efforts leaves not only natural appearing hair lines and design, but importantly the donor region is aesthetically pleasing when your surgical procedure is completed. Dr. Williams carefully plans the donor harvesting management portion of the FUE procedure that leaves his patient’s donor scalp healthier for future FUE surgical procedures.

The Hair Restoration Process

The Robotic hair restoration procedure involves the ARTAS® system removing hair follicles from the patient’s donor harvesting region, or in common terms the back area of the scalp. This area on the scalp typically contains stabile hair follicles that are removed and transplanted to the balding areas of the scalp. This region of the scalp is anesthetized with local anesthesia to provide an absolute pain free experience. The ARTAS® uses sophisticated image processing and control algorithms that assists physicians in recognizing and harvesting targeted follicular units. The follicular units are extracted, then implanted back into the balding areas of the scalp producing a natural appearing hairline.

The most important aspect to hair restoration surgery still remains the experience of the physician, and the surgical and medical oversight the surgeon provides you. At the Orange County Hair Restoration Center, Dr Ken Williams provides the personal touch, human element and physical presence at your surgery. We remain dedicated to your hair restoration experience and promise that you have awesome experience and outstanding cosmetic results.

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