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Dr. Ken Williams Featured in Healthline Discussing Regenix

Dr. Ken L. Williams

Dr. Ken Williams of Orange County Hair Restoration was recently featured in Healthline with comments on a popular OTC product called Regenix that is endorsed by Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey. Not many patients have heard of Regenix as an over-the-counter (OTC) treatment. According to their web site, it is a manufactured product with “natural biopharmaceuticals — vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts from citrus and chamomile to tea tree oil and Aragon. ”

Matthew McConaughey attributes his hair density to and has promoted his use of Regenix for hair growth for more than two decades. But as Dr. Ken Williams stated, he respects McConaughey for his acting talents, “but he is not a medical doctor.” Williams adds to the concerns of any OTC hair loss treatment that has no published data to support its safety, tolerability, or efficacy. He states, “this treatment is not FDA-approved and currently lacks research or proven medicinal applications……it consists of topical products such as a shampoo, conditioner, an unrecognized, poorly described or understood ‘deep follicle cleanser.”

Williams believes that “people experiencing hair loss need to be properly examined and diagnosed by a hair restoration surgeon or dermatologist, and rely on proven treatments, such as Minoxidil or Rogaine, Propecia, or Finasteride, laser light therapy, or regenerative procedures, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP).”

Dr. Ken Williams is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration, the only surgical entity that certifies the experience, skills, and knowledge of hair surgeons. His practice is limited to the surgical and medical treatment of hair loss disorders and scalp disorders in men and women. His surgical practice is located in Irvine, Orange County.

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