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Dr. Ken L. Williams


Dr. Ken Williams of Orange County Hair Restoration in Irvine, California was recently interviewed by Healthline News on Ricki Lake’s Hair Loss – Instagram and Facebook post. He gave his professional thoughts and insight for women who are experiencing hair loss.

Dr. Williams noted for female patients with hair loss,  “Did you have a scalp biopsy? Was it read by a dermatopathologist who has expertise in hair and scalp disorders?” Ken L. Williams Jr., D.O. told Healthline it may also be important for patients to have bloodwork performed to rule out medical, systemic, or endocrine related disorders.

You could have thyroid issues, anemia, or an autoimmune disorder that may play a role,” he said. Other conditions such as menopause, pregnancy, scaring or autoimmune alopecias may play a role in hair loss.

Dr. Williams stated that once the patient and their attending physician knows the cause or etiology of the hairloss, a more specific and accurate treatment progam can be made.  That treatment program may be surgical or non-surgical management.

Williams expressed that board certified hair restoration physicians examined by the American Board of Hair Surgery (ABHRS) are best positioned to treat hairloss patients. Diplomates of the ABHRS have a thorough examination process that demonstrates expertise and knowledge of hairloss disorders.  Williams states doctors are now using regenerative treatments such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), stem cell therapy (SCT), low laser light therapy, and medications like finasteride and Minoxidil.

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